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California’s Master Repipers Give A Detailed Explanation Of The Home Repiping Process

Having your home repiped is a big job that can feel intimidating and inconvenient. The repiping process involves opening portions of walls, flooring, and concrete so that a repiping plumber can replace pipes for both cold and hot water supply as well as waste removal. This is followed by specialty repairs and painting so that the home looks as good as new. Many homeowners may wonder how they will fit such a major repair into their busy lives and especially, whether their bathrooms will be out of commission during the process. To answer that question, let’s review in more detail how the repiping process works.

Before Your Repiping Job Begins

First, your plumber from Integrity Repiping will provide an inspection and estimate for the work in your home. Your repiping company in Oceanside will walk you through all of your options and make recommendations based upon your home’s needs. These options may range from a small repair to a complete repipe of your entire home. You will also be provided with information on which material may be best for your home and local climate and which will provide the most energy efficiency. Generally this includes PEX, copper, or PVC piping.

Will My Bathroom Be Out of Commission During My Home Repipe?

Starting the Job

If needed per local or state ordinances, your repiping plumber will secure the necessary permits for your home repairs. With great care, the furniture and other items in your home will be covered with tarps, drop cloths, or plastic sheeting. This protective covering includes areas of your flooring as well. Professional repiping plumbers in Aliso Viejo have tools that enable them to pinpoint the location of your home’s plumbing so they can strategically open the walls, flooring, or concrete with as little disruption as possible.

What About My Bathroom and Water Supply?

Since a repiping repair generally takes three to ten days depending on the size of the job, the home, and the number of bathrooms, many customers wonder if their bathrooms will be out of commission during the entire repiping process.

At times during the job, your home’s water service will need to be temporarily turned off. Generally this will be done during the day so your evening routines can remain intact.

However, the majority of the repiping process is building the new plumbing routes and then dismantling the old system. This means that the only time your home will be without water supply is while your Oceanside repiping plumber is making the final transitions from the old system to the new system. You can rest assured that your bathrooms will be functional for the majority of your repipe repair.

Finishing the Job

Once the new pipe network is installed and the old pipes have been carefully removed, your repiping company in Oceanside will verify that all fittings are checked and tightened properly. The entire plumbing system will be thoroughly tested. Any connections or leaks that need attention will be adjusted as needed for a perfectly functioning system.

Finally, your drywall will be replaced and painted and your flooring re-installed. Concrete slabs that may have been exposed will be patched and sealed, leaving your home looking like new. As a homeowner, you’ll have peace of mind remembering that your home has improved value and function and is protected against potential water damage or mold from failed plumbing.

While it may feel overwhelming, repiping doesn’t have to be, and with the right repipe plumber serving Oceanside, you can relax and maintain use of your bathroom for the majority of your construction project.

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Integrity Repipe is one of the top-rated repiping companies in California. We are repipe specialists, who work with all types of plumbing media, including PVC, copper, and PEX. Our services range from small repipe repairs to whole home repipe builds. When you hire Integrity Repipe, our plumbers will work closely with you to help you choose what repipe repairs your home needs, what materials are best for your budget, your climate, and energy efficiency. As your repipe plumber, our goal is to give you a plumbing system that delivers fresh and healthy water for many years to come with complete customer satisfaction. For a consultation with a California repipe plumber, call us today!


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