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You may have gotten so used to earthquakes in Southern California that you don’t even really notice when they happen. It’s almost like a strong wind coming through – you get jostled, but it’s such a minor event that you don’t log it in your memory. You certainly don’t worry too much about it.

Though most earthquakes in and around San Clemente are not serious, they can cause serious damage to your home, including your plumbing. Think about how tightly everything in your home is nailed and screwed together. Now imagine a giant grabbing it by the sides and shaking it. Don’t you think a few things are going to come loose? And don’t you think that will be bad for your home?

Earthquake Plumbing Damage

Whatever your answer, the reality is a resounding “yes” to both questions. Your pipes can come loose, they can crack, or they can even snap off their connections. You may have so much damage to your plumbing that you need to invest in repiping. Sometimes, you get lucky and you can just get repipe repair.

Here are a few things you can do to protect your plumbing in an earthquake so you can hopefully avoid a call to a repiping plumbing company near San Clemente:

Turn Off the Valves

If an earthquake hits and damages your plumbing, your problem will soon be compounded by water flooding your home and creating even more damage. The larger the earthquake, the greater the chance that your pipes will come loose or burst, but even minor earthquakes can cause these problems.The most obvious sign of a leak is that water is dripping off the pipe

You need to know the location of the shut-off valves in your home before an earthquake hits. Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of the earthquake to look for the valves. If it’s a big earthquake, you might be panicked and won’t react quickly. You could also put yourself in harm’s way. Instead, learn the location ahead of time so you know exactly what to do once an earthquake starts. Do the same for the shut-off valve for your gas line.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

The older your plumbing gets, the more vulnerable it is to all kinds of problems. And the less likely it is to withstand even the vibrations of a minor earthquake. It’s important to schedule an annual inspection of your system so you can identify any weaknesses before an earthquake comes along and reveals them for you.

Your San Clemente plumbing may just need a bit of tightening, or you may need repipe repair in sections. Your plumber will let you know what action needs to be taken immediately, as well as recommend things you should do to improve the overall health and longevity of your plumbing.

Replace Older Pipes

water damageNo matter what, having older pipes in your home puts the whole property at risk in the event of an earthquake. Older pipes are much more likely to crack, burst, or pop loose in an earthquake, and they are harder to repair. You might get away with a simple repipe repair that involves replacing a section here or there, but the older your plumbing is, the less likely you are to have that option.

It’s better to invest in repiping now before the next earthquake hits. You’ll spend less money on the repiping than you would later on the repiping plus the water clean up and repair. Your CA plumbing inspector should be able to give you an idea of the health of your pipes, but you should also keep track of how old they are and what time they are expected to have left. Make sure you repipe before time’s up. Pushing it to the end of the timeline puts your home at risk.

Earthquakes in San Clemente are usually pretty mild, but even the mild earthquakes can cause major damage to your home in the right circumstances. And with the high rate of earthquakes in California, it isn’t unlikely that you would one day have a major earthquake that could cause devastation. Be proactive to keep your plumbing system healthy and your home safe.

Integrity Repipe can help fortify the plumbing in your California home to safeguard it against earthquake damage and to extend its lifespan. We perform total repiping, as well as repipe repair. We can replace your whole system, or we can make repairs that will correct your water pressure, improve your water efficiency (and lower your bills), and get rid of foul odors or tastes in your water. Call us in California to learn more about our services or to schedule an inspection.


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