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What Is Involved In Repiping A House?

A home repipe is an intensive process. Plumbing is one of the major systems in your home, and replacing it requires expertise and skill. Your plumbing also runs behind walls, under floors, and through concrete slabs, which helps keep the unsightly pipes out of sight, but also makes it harder to repair or replace those pipes. Your repiping plumber will have to cut through walls, tile, floors, and more to get to your pipes. You may be worried about how all that’s going to be put back in place when the repiping work is over.

Know that when you work with a reputable repiping company, not only will you get repiping performed expertly, but you will also get seamless repairs for all the areas that have to be cut open during the repipe process. Here’s what you need to know:

Tools For A Professional Home Repipe In California

Understanding the Home Repipe Process

When you suspect that it may be time to repipe your home, you’ll call a repiping plumber in for a consultation. The plumber will inspect your system and determine if your home needs a repipe and make the appropriate recommendation. If the repipe is needed, the plumber will help you select the right pipes for your home – to get maximum energy efficiency, to have a long life span, and to fit the unique needs of your home.

The repiping process would then start with the plumber protecting the area where the work needs to happen, laying down tarps and other covers for the floors and furniture. The plumber would then cut through drywall, sheetrock, or floors to access the pipes, wherever they are. The pipes would be removed and replaced through these openings. When the work is finished, that’s when the sections of removed drywall or sheetrock would be replaced, the tile restored, and other materials replaced or restored. When the work is finished, you’ll have optimally working pipes and the area will look like new.

Who Makes the Repairs?

You may wonder about who repairs the drywall, floors, or even the concrete slab after the repiping work is done. After all, a plumber is an expert on plumbing, not on drywall repair. In most cases, a reputable repiping company will work with subcontractors to make those repairs to ensure that they are performed flawlessly.

You don’t have to make these arrangements yourself. Your repiping plumber in Mission Viejo will make the call to the needed subcontractors, with whom the repiping company already has an established relationship. Drywall contractors will repair and paint the drywall or sheet rock. Tile specialists will replace flooring or backsplashes. Foundation or concrete experts will make repairs to your concrete slab. Whatever specialist is needed will be called in to ensure that the area looks and performs exactly as it did before the repipe process began. The area shouldn’t just look good – it should also provide the structural support needed, have the same waterproof properties, and so on. You shouldn’t see any lingering issues after the work is done, such as peeling caulk, flaking paint, or cracks forming in the drywall.

Know that when you work with the right repiping company, every aspect of the repipe process will be handled with professionalism and expertise, including both the repipe itself and the repair process. Take your time in selecting the right company. Do your research to find what providers are available in your area, and read the reviews extensively, including both the positive and the negative, if available. Schedule a few consultations and interviews, and check the credentials, such as licensing and insurance. The extra time you take to vet the company will ensure that you get professional work and a pleasant customer service experience.

Call a Professional Repiping Company in California

In California, Integrity Repipe is one of the top-rated repiping companies. We are repipe specialists, and we handle all types or plumbing types, including PVC, steel, and PEX piping. We perform repipe repair, as well as whole-house repiping. Our plumbers will work closely with you to help you understand what your property needs for maximum energy efficiency and performance. Our goal is to give you a plumbing system that delivers fresh and healthy water for many years to come. Call us in California today to schedule a consultation with a repiping plumber.

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