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Why Do Pipes Burst & What Should I Do Next?

A burst or broken pipe is an unexpected and unwelcome surprise that can lead to extensive damage. Just because this has happened to you, it doesn’t mean you should panic.

Luckily, we have prepared this guide to show you some of the damage a broken pipe can cause, how to cut off the water supply, and what you can do afterward to ensure the problem doesn’t keep happening again. We recommend you take notes of these tips before contacting your trusted Lakeside repiping company.

Why Do Pipes Burst & What Should I Do Next in California

Why Do Pipes Break Or Burst?

Many things can make a pipe burst, including corrosion and earth movements. The most common causes are inevitable because you cannot fight things like time and weather. But, what you can do is to check your plumbing system occasionally, and pay attention to the following: 


Corrosion is one of the most common causes for pipes to burst. It can happen because of imbalances in the water’s pH. Older pipes, especially those with galvanized coating, are more prone to corrosion because the zinc coating wears off over time. 

If you have pipe leaks due to corrosion, you must replace your plumbing system as soon as possible to avoid worse damage. 


Clogs cause an increase in water pressure, and the higher the pressure, the higher the chances of a broken pipe. 

When there’s a clog near the drain, there’s not much trouble. But, if the clog forms deep in the pipe, the water pressure will accumulate around the clog. Since the water won’t have anywhere else to go, it will leak outside the pipe. If the water pressure is too high to handle, there will be a burst pipe. 

In these cases, calling a Los Angeles repiping plumber is necessary. 

Pipe Movements

Pipe movement happens accidentally in many cases. These movements can appear because the cold weather during the winter caused the pipes to contract. Other times, these movements are the result of repairs in the plumbing system. Sometimes water pressure only can lead to pipe movements. 

A burst pipe happens when the movements increase the water pressure in a specific area. 


In places with extreme winters, frozen pipes can be a big issue. When temperatures fall below 32°C, the water in the pipes freezes, leading to weak bonds in the pipe. These weak bonds make the pipes break over time. 

Moreover, if the temperature increases quickly, the ice and the pipe shatter, raising the chances of burst pipes. The best you can do to avoid this is simply to keep the entire house warm during winter.

What To Do With a Burst Pipe

Before your plumber arrives, implement these measures: 

Turn Off The Water

The first thing you have to do is turn off the water supply. You don’t want more water in the pipe system than the one that’s there. Turn on the water supply only when the Chula Vista repiping plumber says you can.

Switch Off Electricity & Appliances

Electricity is dangerous when there’s water all around, so turn off your electronic devices. You should also lift all the wires you have on the floor. Otherwise, the risk of a short circuit could remain even after repairing the burst pipe.  

Dry The Area

Clear away the water to avoid excess damage. Some water damage is inevitable, but the sooner you dry the area, the less likely you will have to repair all your items. 

Ventilate The Area Affected

As soon as you finish clearing away the water, do not forget to keep doors and windows open to circulate warm air. Rooms affected by burst pipes need more air circulation to dry the wet area, especially if the rooms are small. The warmer the air, the faster it will dry the water. 

Call a Plumber Right Away

Water damage is serious business, so when a pipe bursts in your home, you need to know how to respond quickly. 

No one expects to find a broken pipe, but it happens. When it does happen, the best thing to do is call in a Burbank repiping company to repair the break and make sure that everything else is safe.

If you have any issues with your piping system, do not hesitate to call Integrity Repipe, Inc. We are a top-rated California repiping company ready to solve low water pressure, slab leaks, rusty tasting water, and more. 

We also offer leak detection services to avoid slab or pinhole leaks at home. Plus, we do not leave any mess behind. Call us to learn more about our services.

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