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Leaks are just a part of life when you own a home. As your plumbing system ages, parts start to break down, causing leaks to sprout. Sometimes, plumber error can lead to breakdowns that cause leaks, and sometimes Mother Nature can cause problems for your plumbing system, leading to leaks.

While there’s not really anything you can do to avoid leaks entirely, there is plenty you can do to minimize them. Of course, getting immediate repipe repair in Mission Viejo and routine plumbing maintenance will also keep your system health and minimize the risk of leaks and damage to your house. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with these common causes of leaks so you can take steps to minimize their occurrence:



Aging plumbing systems are prone to corrosion – especially those made of metal. The constant exposure to water can eventually lead to pitting and other corrosion of the pipes. Even small holes in the pipes can create leaks, and even small leaks can cause serious damage to your home over time.

You can prevent leaks from corrosion by having your system inspected regularly or by repiping with a corrosion-resistant material such as PEX piping.

Broken Seals

Seals are placed around valves and appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators. Over time, these can break down because of aging or because of poor manufacturing. When seals break or become loose, leaks can form.

A regular inspection can determine if seals have begun to fail or will soon need to be replaced. You can also ensure proper installation and high quality by choosing the best plumber to do any repiping or repair work on your home.

Damaged Joints

Seals are just one place where pipes and other items connect that a failure can lead to a leak. Damaged joints can also cause this problem. The joints can wear down, the connections can loosen, and pressure can cause cracks to form.

Again, you’ll need to invest in routine inspections and maintenance to reduce the risk of damaged joints and resulting leaks.

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes can be a major nuisance leading to slow-draining sinks and tubs. However, if left untended, clogged pipes can become burst pipes. The pressure that builds up because of the blockage can cause connections to loosen and pipes to burst, leading to major leaks.

You should notice the signs of a clogged pipe before it becomes a problem, such as slowing drains or inconsistent water pressure. Call a plumber in Oceanside as soon as you notice these signs to head off bigger problems, including a leak.

Tree Roots

Trees grow wherever they can, whether your house, driveway, or even your plumbing pipes are in the way. The roots can force their way into those pipes or around them, putting a lot of pressure on the pipes. The pipes may burst, or they may come loose from their connectors.

Work with a landscaper or arborist to check in on your trees periodically and find out if they are getting a little close for comfort to your pipes or other important structures.

Temperature Changes

Temperature changes can cause materials in your home to expand and contract, including your pipes. With enough expansion and contraction, your pipes can come loose from their connectors or even crack.

You can’t do anything about the temperature changes, but you can take steps to protect your pipes by insulating them. You can also hire a plumber for a periodic inspection to ensure that your pipes are well-fitted and are not showing any signs of damage.

Leaks are not just nuisances. If they are left untended, they can put undue pressure on your plumbing system, leading to more serious damage and more expensive repipe repair or whole-house repiping. They can also cause extensive damage to your home if they are left untended. Call a plumber as soon as you notice signs of a leak for adjustment or repair, and work closely with a plumber to get regular inspections and catch signs of a problem early.

If your pipes have become damaged, Integrity Repipe of California may be able to help. Our repiping specialists in Los Angeles will inspect your system to determine if a simple repipe repair can solve the problem or if more extensive repiping will be necessary. We specialize in PEX piping, but we can handle repiping or repair for any type of pipes. Contact us in California today to talk to a repiping plumber or to schedule an inspection.

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