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Even if your pipes are made of metal, they can wear down over time without the proper care. With wear, leaks can develop or the pipes can weaken so that the pressure eventually makes them burst. You can have a real mess on your hands, as well as expensive damage to your plumbing and your house.

It’s important that you learn the proper maintenance and care of your plumbing so that you get the maximum life span out of your pipes. Part of learning proper care means learning about what NOT to put in your plumbing or to allow to remain there. Here are some dangers you need to watch out for in your plumbing:


You might get done cooking and just pour the grease and oil right down your drain. You can’t pour it into the trash can since it might melt the bag and will definitely smell up the place, so you figure that the drain is the only other place for it. But what happens to that grease when it’s no longer hot? It starts to solidify. Imagine what that will look like in your pipes.

Grease can build up in your pipes over time, attracting hair and bits of food, and eventually clogging the pipes completely. Grease can also remain in your pipes for a long time, causing corrosion from the inside out. Never dump grease or oil down your pipes – always throw it outside or dispose of it properly through a waste collection system. Have your pipes cleaned regularly to eliminate grease from routine dish washing, as well.


You are constantly shedding hair, even if you don’t realize it. Your hair can get down the sink when you brush your teeth or wash your hands, and it certainly gets down the drain when you take a shower. Of course, you are putting a lot of hair into the drain every time you shave or trim your hair and wash the clippings down the sink.

Just like grease, hair can stay in the pipes for a long time, collecting other debris along the way and creating a huge blockage that can put pressure on the pipes or cause corrosive elements to remain in one location. Take care to always dump hair in the trash instead of the sink, and have your pipes cleaned regularly to remove any hair that gets down there during showering or other routine care.

Corrosive Cleaners

Not only household cleaners are safe for use on your plumbing. Some have ingredients in them that can be corrosive to your pipes – including cleaners that are designed specifically to clear clogged drains. These caustic chemicals do not know which items are the debris clogging your pipes and which items are the pipes themselves.

If you have a clog or another problem with your plumbing, you should always call an experienced plumber to deal with the problem. Never pour a cleaner down your drain – you are almost certainly doing more harm than good.

Mineral Deposits

If you have well water, you may be getting a lot of mineral deposits in your plumbing, such as iron, lime, and calcium. Even if you are on city water, you could still be getting some minerals that are depositing in smaller numbers, which would still create a problem over time. Mineral deposits can either clog your pipes or corrode them, depending on the types of minerals present.

You may need to install a water softener if you have well water, or you may need to call a Burbank plumber to learn about your options for clearing mineral deposits.

Avoiding these dangers to your plumbing can help you preserve your pipes for many years to come. You will save yourself money in repairs to your pipes, as well as in repairs to your home because a pipe has been leaking or has burst.

If your system has already been damaged, Integrity Repipe can help. Our re-piping experts can either repair sections of your plumbing, or they can upgrade your home with total re-piping. We can get your plumbing back in top condition so that you enjoy the right water pressure, clean and great-tasting water, and protection for your home. Call us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced plumber in Mission Viejo and the surrounding area.


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