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Plumbing leaks are one of the most common causes of water damage in your home. Your pipes can come loose from their connections, or they can slowly corrode and develop small holes or cracks. Small leaks will form that will let out a drip of water or a small trickle at a time. Since your pipes are hidden behind your walls and under your floors, you aren’t likely to even know the leak is there until enough water has spread through your home to create mold and mildew, rotting, or other problems. 

Even if you know that you have a leak, you may have a hard time finding it. The water travels, so the source of the leak isn’t going to be directly behind the location of the damage. You’ll need to hire a Los Angeles plumber to find and repair the leak quickly. 

Integrity Repipes professionals perfoms a plubing inspection to detect leaks

Signs that You Have a Leak

You will have to be vigilant to the signs that you have a leak. The sooner you can call in a repiping plumber in Los Angeles to fix the leak, the less damage you will have to your home. 

Some of the most common signs that you may have a leak include: 

  • Increased water bill
  • Water meter changes
  • Mold or mildew
  • Yellow or brown spots on your ceiling, walls, or floors
  • The sound of dripping or water in your walls

Damage from your leak might present itself in other ways, but these are some of the most common. If you notice any of them, call a repiping plumber in Oceanside immediately. Allowing the leak to remain will not only damage your home, but also your plumbing. You will be looking at thousands of dollars of damage and conditions that are potentially damaging to your health and safety. 

Detecting Leaks

Since your pipes are behind walls and under floors – possibly even under your foundation’s concrete slab – you can’t just go to your pipes and check them out yourself. And don’t try! It’s not worth it to cut through your walls or floors to get to pipes in an effort to save money. You don’t know that the leak is there, and you will end up tearing up a lot of your home and causing yourself more trouble. 

Call a Oceanside repiping plumber to find the source of the leak. Your plumber will use non-invasive methods to find the leak. Most likely, your plumber is going to use a specialized tool to look for leaks of helium or hydrogen around your home. Your plumbing system is pressurized with either helium or hydrogen, so if you have a leak, some of that gas will have escaped. 

Once your plumber in Oceanside finds that escaped gas, he may have to cut through a piece of wall or floor to get to the hidden pipes. However, that cut will be localized to exactly where it needs to be, minimizing the damage to your home. Your plumber will then repair that cut when the repipe repair is done, leaving your home looking just the same. 

You may need to call additional professionals after your leak is repaired to also repair damage to your home caused by the water. You may need to replace rotted floor boards, moldy patches of drywall, and more. For minimal damage, you may just need to repaint sections of wall. The best way to minimize these repairs is to keep your plumbing system maintained to prevent leaks – and to call a repiping plumber in Oceanside as soon as you notice the signs of a leak. If you have an older system that has experienced recurrent leaks, you should consider repiping to avoid future problems. 

Integrity Repipe Inc Professional Leaks Detection

Call Integrity Repipe in California if you think you have a leak. We’ll inspect your system to find the source quickly and make the needed repipe repair. If you are experiencing recurrent leaks, call to schedule an inspection of your system. Our expert repiping plumbers will help you understand what to expect in terms of the health and longevity of your system, and they will help you determine your options for repiping. You can save money and preserve the quality of your water by upgrading your system. We can help you choose a system that will experience fewer problems and will last you for decades. Call us today to talk with a repiping plumber to learn more. 

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