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Cast iron is synonymous with durability and quality. You buy a cast iron skillet, and it lasts you for decades with good care, delivering delicious meals every time. You buy a cast iron tub, and it stands the test of time.

However, cast iron isn’t always the right choice. There are some times, like with your plumbing, that cast iron can actually cause a lot of problems that you don’t need. Many older homes have cast iron pipes because they were considered to be a high-quality choice. Time has shown us better. Here are some of the problems our Aliso Viejohome repipers have found that you may be experiencing if your home has cast iron pipes: 

Integrity Repipe´s technician perfoms a plubing inspection to detect leaks


One of the big problems with cast iron pipes is that they can rust. They are metal, after all. While rust can just be a cosmetic problems on some metals – like rust on your shovel – it can be a big problem on your cast iron pipes.

Over time, rust spreads. When it does, it can corrode the pipes. Small pitting can cause changes in water pressure or can allow contaminants into the water. Eventually, the corrosion can cause the pipes to burst. Even before all that happens, the rust can get into the water, which can bring down the quality of your drinking and cleaning water. Having a qualified master repiper in Aliso Viejo resolve these issues is not only important for the integrity of your home, but for your health as well.


Rust can wreak havoc on your pipes. When it begins, it opens up opportunities for sediment and other contaminants to get into your water. At first, that may just result in water that tastes or smells bad. Over time, the sediment can build up in the pipe, either partially or fully blocking the flow of water.
Sediment buildup can not only diminish the quality of your water, but it can also cause additional problems for your pipes. The sediment can cause pressure on your pipes that can lead to bursting or other damage.

Water Pressure Problems

The problems that rust can create for your pipes can create problems with water pressure. Unfortunately, a water pressure problem is not just a problem of comfort. You are going to have to deal with a lot more than an unsatisfying shower if you have a problem with your water pressure.
Over time, the water pressure can damage your pipes or their connections. You may have a small leak, or you may have a more dramatic problem like a burst pipe. Either way, you’re dealing with trouble, and you need to call a home repipe specialist in California right away.

Hidden Problems

Often, the problems that occur with cast iron pipes occur without you even realizing it. You won’t be able to see the rust forming to know that you have pitting or cracks coming your way. You won’t see the sediment building up in your pipes. In most cases, you won’t notice that there is a problem until the problem has become severe. You may be dealing with thousands of dollars worth of damage by the time the problem makes itself known.

You can get routine Oceanside plumbing inspections to discover these problems before they begin. But sometimes, even diligent adherence to an inspection schedule, you won’t catch those problems, and you’ll still be dealing with a mess. The only real solution for cast iron pipes is to replace them. It’s not a matter of when they will fail, but if. You can save yourself a lot of trouble down the line by replacing the pipes before they have a chance to start failing. You may spend a lot to repipe your home upfront, but you’ll save a lot in plumbing repairs and in repairing your home. Call a repipe plumber in Oceanside and learn about the best options for your property.

Integrity Repipe are the top repiping specialists in California. We can help you understand the best repiping options to replace your cast iron pipes, and we can expertly install the new system for top performance and longevity. We’re committed to helping you get a plumbing system that delivers high-quality water year after year, with few to no problems, and with maximum energy efficiency. We have a number of options to meet these goals and meet your budget. Call us today to meet with a repiping plumber to learn more about your options and to get an estimate for your new system.

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