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PEX tubing refers to cross-linked polyethylene flexible tubing, which can be used in plumbing and other applications such as radiant heat flooring or baseboard heating. Not only is PEX piping less expensive than the traditional copper piping used in plumbing, but it also has a number of other advantages, which is quickly making it the material of choice for re-piping.

Whether you need simple re-pipe repair or you need to re-pipe your whole home, you should consider hiring an Anaheim re-piping plumber or company that offers PEX piping. The plumbing material is revolutionizing the re-piping industry thanks to its many benefits, which include:

Room for Expansion

PEX piping can expand up to eight times its size

One of the biggest problems that homeowners experience with their pipes each year is that they expand and freeze during cold temperatures. If you live in Southern California, you don’t really have to worry about this. But if you live farther north in California, you will have to take precautions each winter or end up with busted pipes and a huge re-piping bill.

PEX piping can expand up to eight times its size without freezing. And even if it does freeze, it is resistant to cracking. The piping is far more flexible, making it more durable through whatever temperature changes come your way.

Fewer Fittings Required

PEX piping fits into a central manifold

PEX piping fits into a central manifold that is similar to a circuit breaker panel. The tubing is connected using connector fittings or crimp rings. It does not require all the couplers and other fittings that copper does, which means that there are fewer chances for leaks.

The smaller number of fittings required also means that PEX piping can be installed much more quickly and easily than copper piping. There are fewer chances for errors, and the labor costs are significantly reduced. With copper, improper welding or other mistakes can cause big problems down the road, and the pipes are time intensive to install. The entire process is costly and rife with potential for error.

Resistant to Corrosion

A huge problem for copper pipes is that they eventually corrode. The minerals in the water can react with the copper, as can the other metals that touch the pipes, such as the fittings. The pipes can corrode, which can make the copper break down or the pipes become less efficient.

PEX piping does not corrode. It is unclear how long the piping lasts compared to copper, but we know that corrosion will not cause its lifespan to be cut short. Most PEX piping comes with a 25-year warranty.

Able to Fit in Small Spaces

PEX piping is flexible, so it can fit in even the smallest and tightest of spaces. It can wrap around other tubes, joists, and other elements. It does not even require the use of couplers to do so. Your plumber can simply twist or bend it where it needs to go without risking damage to it.

PEX piping can even have long and continuous runs without needing to be connected with couplers. Fewer fittings means fewer opportunities for leaks.

Fewer Problematic Side Effects

PEX piping does not conduct heat

Copper pipes have been known to create the “water hammer” effect when they vibrate and knock against wood or other elements of the house. PEX piping does not do this. Copper also conducts heat, which increases the risk for scalding if you come into contact with the pipes. PEX piping does not conduct heat and does not risk scalding.

There are so many advantages to PEX tubing that it is changing the way people look at their re-piping options. You have numerous options for plumbers in California, which ensures that you can find a re-piping plumber in Anaheim with the proper experience and the right price for the job.

Integrity Pipe is a well-regarded re-piping company in California. We are a “one call fix all” company, and we can re-pipe your home or business or perform re-pipe repair. When you work with us, you can be sure you are getting a highly experienced and training re-piping plumber, not a subcontractor. We work to correct whatever problems you are experiencing, whether you have leaks, low water pressure, or high water bills. Call us in California today to learn more about your re-piping options.

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