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California Repiping Plumbers Share Possible Solutions For Your Noisy Pipes

A common problem that California repiping plumbers encounter on house calls is noisy pipes. This noise can range from banging to squealing to gurgling sounds, all of which are bothersome to homeowners and can even make it difficult for them to sleep at night. Each sound gives repiping plumbers a clue as to what might be wrong with the plumbing in a home and what might need to be repaired.

Before any plumbing repairs are done or a California repipe repair is considered, it’s important to determine exactly why your pipes are so noisy in the first place. Here are some common reasons for noisy pipes and some solutions so you can enjoy a quiet home and relaxing nights of restful sleep.

Man having sleeping difficulties because of his noisy pipes in Chula Vista, CA

Banging Noises Or “Water Hammer”

Commonly, a California repiping company will be called for banging noises, commonly known as “water hammer.” What causes a water hammer? Most often, it is due to pressure changes or water flow issues inside the pipes. Water rushes with high momentum and speed through pipes. When a faucet or valve is shut off suddenly, the moving water hits a closed valve, which causes a loud bang. This sudden stop can also cause a series of smaller water hammer bangs throughout the pipe. Water hammers can have a number of causes and solutions, so working with a California repipe professional is your best option to get this issue resolved.

High Water Pressure Can Cause Humming Sounds

Water pressure that is too high for your plumbing system’s capacity can cause your pipes to vibrate. This vibration causes a humming sound that you may mainly hear when your water is running. While overly high water pressure can happen in any plumbing situation, it is especially common in homes with well water. If you have your home repiped, your Mission Viejo repiping plumber will make sure your water flow is set at just the right pressure to avoid this noise.

Gurgling: An Indicator Of An Obstruction Within The Pipes

Usually, gurgling or glugging indicates that your pipes are struggling to drain, probably due to an obstruction within the pipes. An obstruction can range from built up soap scum and hair, an item accidentally flushed or sent down the drain, to mineral scum and hard water build up inside the pipes. Repeated difficulty draining can be a sign that you need a Oceanside repipe repair, and should be assessed by a professional repipe plumber.

A Loose Pipe Fastener Provoques Rattling Noises

Plumbing pipes flow through walls, under flooring, and above ceilings in your home. If your pipes are making a rattling noise, it’s likely that a fastener which is securing a suspended pipe has come loose and needs to be replaced. A repiping plumber will securely attach all the pipes in your repair job.

Noisy Water Pipes? PEX Pipes Are The Solution

While noisy pipes can have a wide variety of causes and repairs, persistent water hammer banging and other sounds can mean that your home is in need of a California repipe repair. Many repipe plumbers recommend installing PEX piping as a solution to the noisy metal pipes commonly found in older homes and older plumbing systems.

PEX is advantageous over metal pipes for many reasons. Since it is flexible and durable, PEX piping doesn’t make noise or have pressure variances. You’ll also enjoy other benefits, such as clean, fresh drinking water for your family free of concern about metal corrosion or contamination. PEX allows you to save money in the long run in both reduced installation and repair bills. Hot water is delivered faster, lowering your monthly bills. It also costs less to install than other types of piping because there is no soldering and fewer connections to make. Its flexibility makes for a fast installation. PEX piping is also easier to repair than metal or solid plastic piping. There are fewer leak points due to the water lines connecting. Ask your San Diego repiping company if PEX is the right choice for your home.

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