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California is well-known for its earthquakes, and it sees a few tornadoes a year in parts. The state is familiar with the devastation that natural disasters can cause. 

What you may not realize is how much a natural disaster can affect your home even if it does not hit it directly. An earthquake or tornado may occur miles away, but your home – and especially your plumbing system – may be negatively affected. Here are just a few of the ways that a natural disaster can create a plumbing nightmare for you – and may even lead to the need for Oceanside repiping:

kitchen of a house flooded by storm damage

Contaminate Your Water Supply

An earthquake can shake loose sewer and water lines and cause all kinds of things to get out of one source and into another – like sewage or hazardous chemicals getting into your water line. A strong storm can cause ruptures, as well, or it can cause runoff that can move hazardous materials from one location and into a water supply.

You can repair or fortify your system to deal with the immediate problem, but you may not realize that the problem lingers. Contaminants can stay behind in your pipes, creating problems for your water supply for a long time. You may need to completely repipe sections of your home, depending on the problem and the extent of it. 

Backup Sewer Systems

The local sewage and stormwater system is vulnerable when there’s a natural disaster like an earthquake or a heavy storm. Debris can get washed into the system, and pipes can be damaged by falling trees. The system can get backed up, and that can cause problems for your own plumbing.

The backed up sewage can make its way into your home, or it can put pressure on your pipes. Once the city has fixed the municipal problem, you may have big repairs you need to make to your own system. A simple repipe repair in Aliso viejo may be all that’s needed, but if the damage is extensive or your system is already vulnerable from age, you may need to consider whole house repiping

Weaken Your Plumbing System

Your house doesn’t need to be in the direct line of fire of an earthquake or a heavy storm to take on damage. The movement of the earth – from a quake, heavy winds, or even heavy floods rolling over the land – can cause your pipes to vibrate and loosen. That may lead to eventual leaks, or it may cause fluctuations in your water pressure that can put pressure on your pipes and weaken them over time. 

You may not even know that your plumbing has been affected until many months after the natural disaster has passed. By then, you may have several failing pipes, and you may have to invest in extensive repiping  – if not whole house repiping in Oceanside

Fixing Your Plumbing

You can’t do anything to prevent a natural disaster, but you can take steps to protect your plumbing and your water supply. If you know that a storm is coming, turn off your water main. Turn it back on only when local authorities confirm that the water supply is safe. 

Until you know that your water supply is safe, you should boil any water before drinking it or using it for cleaning or brushing teeth. Have your plumbing inspected, as well. The earlier you can detect the damage, the sooner you can have it fixed to ensure that your plumbing and your water supply are safe. Plus, if you get your plumbing inspected in Oceanside soon after a storm or other natural disaster, you’ll be able to make a stronger case to your insurance company that the damage was caused by the natural disaster and was not the result of time or neglect. 

If you think that you are experiencing problems with your plumbing after a natural disaster, call Integrity Repipe in California to schedule an inspection with an experienced repiping plumber. We are a “One Call Fixes All” company, and we can discover and repair any problem with your plumbing. We can perform repipe repair or whole house repiping, depending on what would be best for your system. We’ll help you understand the options and put the measures in place to protect your home and your plumbing. Call us today to schedule an estimate. 

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