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Corroded pipes are a common problem for older homes. Metal pipes can oxidize or rust, leading to corrosion over time. The corrosion can cause a number of problems for your plumbing – none of them small. 

Because corroded pipes cause such big problems, you may think it would be easy to spot the trouble. However, corroded pipes often break down in silence, leaving you little clue as to what’s happening under your floor boards or behind your walls until there is major damage. You can prevent this by getting   regular inspections of your plumbing system in San Diego. You can also look out for these signs that your pipes may be corroded and in need of attention (or repiping): 

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Discolored or Foul Water

One of the first things you are likely to notice if your pipes start corroding is that your water has a strange color, odor, or taste. You may see a reddish or brownish tint to your water. It may smell or taste bad. That’s the result of the buildup of sediment in your pipes or the rust that may be there. 

Discolored or foul water is not just a matter of your comfort. Tainted water can negatively impact your health, even making potentially making you seriously ill. If your water is anything other than clear and pure tasting, you need to call a repiping plumber in Aliso Viejo  to take a look. You may have corroded pipes or other problems. 

Problems with Water Pressure

When your pipes start to corrode, they also often start to clog up with sediment. Your water naturally has some sediment in it, and that can get stuck in the pipes. Corroded pipes also create additional sediment as a result of the reaction between the metal and the water, and that can create more sediment. 

You may not know that your pipes are clogged, but you may start to notice that you have a problem maintaining your water pressure. Your water pressure may drop, or the pressure may cut in and out. If you notice this, you need to schedule an inspection with a Aliso viejo repipe plumber. Allowing this problem to go untended could put undue pressure on your pipes, and they could burst. 


Corroded pipes will eventually lead to leaks. The corrosion may eat through the pipe in small holes or cracks, and that may cause small leaks. Or the corrosion may cause a pipe to loose from its connection, causing a major leak. 

If you don’t have a major leak on your hands, you may not notice the signs right away. You will need to be vigilant. Look for things like yellow or brown spots on the walls or ceiling, peeling or cracking paint, or even a rise in your water bill. Untended leaks can cause extensive damage to your home, and they can encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which can also threaten your health. Call a San Diego plumber at the first sign that you may have a leak so you can get immediate repipe repair in San diego

Corroded pipes are not a potential problem with metal pipes – they are an almost guaranteed problem. You can wait until problems occur and spend countless dollars and time repairing the system, or you can save yourself a lot of trouble and replacing the pipes with something that is resistant to corrosion, like PEX piping or PVC piping. Both options are long-lasting and durable, and they provide consistent performance and energy efficiency. You can lower your plumbing maintenance and repair costs, and breathe easy knowing that your home is safe from plumbing damage and you have consistently clean and healthy water. 

The repiping plumbers at Integrity Repipe in California are specialists in PEX piping, which is a highly energy efficient, non-corrosive, and durable form of piping that can be used in most homes. PEX is flexible and easy to install, so it goes in faster and cheaper. It is also resistant to most types of plumbing damage, and it has a long life expectancy. If you have metal pipes or you suspect that you have corroded pipes, call us to schedule an inspection and to learn about your options for repiping with a more suitable material. 

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