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California is prone to earthquakes. Even small earthquakes can wreak havoc on your home. They can knock precious keepsakes off the shelves and break them into hundreds of pieces. They can cause windows to break and roof tiles to slip. They can also cause your pipes to shake free of their connections and to drip or pour water through your home or your landscape – and you may not even realize it.

It’s important that you check your plumbing after an earthquake to ensure that all is well. Otherwise, water could be causing extensive damage to your home, or you might have to invest in extensive repiping. Here’s what you need to do:

How to Check Your Plumbing After an Earthquake

Look for Water around the Sewer Line

Pipes that are in the ground are especially vulnerable during an earthquake, since the earth itself is what’s moving. You aren’t likely to know that there is a problem with the pipes because they’re buried in the ground. The main sign will be water in the area.

The most likely place for this to happen is around your sewage system. Check for dampness, soft ground, of even pools of water around your septic. If you notice any signs of water, call a San Diego plumber to get a closer inspection.

Look for Puddles in the Yard

Depending on the way your plumbing system is laid out, there may be multiple pipes running through your yard. At a minimum, you should have a primary pipe or two running from your well or your municipal water connection. If any of those pipes is shaken loose from its connection, you are going to get gallons of water pumping through your yard.

You may see puddles in your yard, or you may get holes forming in your yard after the soil starts to erode from below. Take a look around after the earthquake, and re-check in the days and weeks following. Call a Burbank plumber right away if you notice signs of leakage.

Look for Spots or Puddles in the House

Of course, the pipes inside your house can shake loose during an earthquake also. The pipes behind your walls and under your floors could be dripping water or letting out a steady stream. The longer that happens, the more extensive – and expensive – the damage will be.

Check closely for signs of leaks in your home, such as brown or yellow spots on the walls, ceiling or floors. Of course, you should also look more closely if you see a puddle anywhere. Check behind appliances and furniture to be sure. When you find anything, call a plumber serving Oceanside.

Check for Increased Water Use

You may have checked diligently, and you may not see any signs of leaks or standing water, either in your home or out in the yard. That doesn’t mean that the damage hasn’t been done and that the leaks aren’t there. It just means that they may be hiding.

You can uncover these hidden leaks by taking a closer look at your water usage. Don’t wait until your next water bill comes in – by then, you will have lost a lot of water and a let a lot of damage occur. Instead, check your water meter or ask the water company to check it for you. If there’s been a spike, there’s a good chance that you have a leak.

An earthquake doesn’t have to be severe to cause damage to your pipes, especially if the pipes are already weakened or are aging. Check your home and your landscape diligently for signs of damage after an earthquake, and call an Aliso Viejo plumber right away if you notice any. You may need repipe repair on sections of your plumbing, or the damage may be so severe that you need total repiping. Or you may discover that your pipes broke because they were weakened from age and decide that it’s time for a repipe.

Call Integrity Repipe in California if you think you have plumbing damage after an earthquake. Our repiping plumbers are experienced at detecting plumbing issues after an earthquake, and they will get to the bottom of the problem quickly, before the damage can spread too far. Our plumbers will let you know if repiping is recommended to guard against future damage from earthquakes. We specialize in PEX piping, which is a flexible piping option that isn’t vulnerable to damage from earthquakes. Call us in California to learn more.

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