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Why You Shouldn’t Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners For Your Clogged Drain


Clogs are a relatively common occurrence. Not everyone in the family is diligent about taking their hair out of the shower drain, and that can clog the pipes over time. Similarly, not everyone is going to be good about scraping their plates before putting them in the sink, and that will clog the kitchen sink.

There are a lot of culprits for clogs, but one thing that is pretty consistent is how homeowners deal with those clogs – wrongly. Most people grab a store-bought drain cleaner and dump it down the drain. But doing so can cause more problems than the clogged pipe posed, even leading to the need for repipe repair.

Man putting drain cleaner in the sink without think that it can negatively impact the plumbing

Here are a few ways that store-bought drain cleaners can negatively impact your plumbing and more:

Damage to Your Plumbing

Store-bought drain cleaners have caustic chemicals that will actually damage your plumbing. The chemicals do a good job of breaking down what is clogging your pipe, but then they continue working on the pipes themselves. The worse your clog is, the worse the damage to your pipes can be. That’s because the clog will cause the chemicals to remain concentrated in one spot, giving it more time to work against your pipes.

Drain cleaners can eat through PVC pipes, and they can cause corrosion with metal pipes. Use store-bought drain cleaner and you could have a call to a San Diego repiping plumber in your immediate future.

Harm to your Family and Pets

Those harsh chemicals in drain cleaners can also irritate and damage your skin, cause respiratory irritation, and more. Sometimes, these things can happen even if you feel you are being careful in handling the bottle and are not spilling it.

Young children can also get into your cabinets and the drain cleaner, and they become seriously ill or injured if they open the bottle. You can’t count on child locks on your cabinets to keep them out, especially if they are older.

Harm to the Environment

Eventually, the drain cleaner will go through your pipes and back into the water supply. When it does, it can contaminate the local water supply and the soil. It can have a very harmful impact on the local ecosystem, as well as the water supply that will come back to your home and your neighbor’s.

Don’t be fooled by supposedly “eco-friendly” drain cleaners, either. Would you want to drink water knowing that it had “eco-friendly” chemicals in it? Just avoid these chemicals entirely.

Clearing a Clog the Right Way

There’s only one way to safely clear a clogged drain: Call a San Diego plumber. The plumber will snake the drain or use other tools to clear the clog without pouring any chemicals into your pipes. These methods will also ensure that the clog is completely cleared, without leaving behind any residue as a store-bought drain cleaner can.

Most importantly, a plumber will clear the clogged pipe safely. The debris will be removed without any damage to your pipes, and zero risk to your family or pets. You can also feel good knowing that there will be no residual impact on the environment. If anything, the work will be beneficial for the environment since it will prevent debris from flowing through your pipes and into the septic system.

Do not be tempted by the convenience and low cost of the store-bought drain cleaner. You may be able to get immediate results, but you can cause long-lasting damage to your plumbing. You may be able to save a few bucks on the initial solution, but you’ll cost yourself a lot more money on repipe repair.

If you’ve already made the mistake of using store-bought drain cleaner and are now experiencing plumbing problems, call Integrity Repipe of California for repipe repair. A repiping plumber from our team will inspect your system and make any needed repairs to ensure proper performance and longevity. The plumber will also inspect your system to see if there are any underlying problems leading to clogs, such as corrosion or sediment build up. If you have an aging system that is experiencing systemic problems, we can make recommendations for a whole house repipe (and then perform the repipe). Call us today to schedule a consultation with a repiping plumber in Oceanside.


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