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3 Signs Your Kitchen Sink Has a Plumbing Problem

You use your kitchen sink so frequently that some things are likely to shake loose eventually. You will likely see a slow drip eventually. You may even start to have other leaks, depending on where the connections have loosened. You may just tune out the problem, becoming accustomed to the slow drip of the leak over time. But you shouldn’t. Any leak, no matter how small, can be threatening to your plumbing and your home.

It is important that you talk with a Burbank repiping plumber about fixing your leak as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could have a much larger plumbing issue on your hands that can lead to:

How a Leaking Kitchen Sink Could Indicate a Larger Plumbing Issue In San Diego, CA.

Pressure On The Pipes

Even small leaks in your plumbing can put undue pressure on the pipes. Your plumbing is a finely tuned system, and everything has to be sealed up properly and flowing properly for good health. Any deviation can lead to big problems over time.

The extra pressure on your pipes can lead to problems like a burst pipe given enough time. You may not think that steady drip could ever be a problem, but that small deviation in pressure can create a domino effect that leads to major repipe repair. Just fix the leak now and save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Extensive Water Damage

A drop or two of water isn’t going to create a lot of damage. You might get a water mark or two that you can easily buff out or paint over. However, when you leave a leak to continue to drip day after day, it can lead to major water damage. Whether the leak remains at its current size but just consistently drips, or the leak slowly gets bigger with time, you could be looking at warped or rotted wood, mold and mildew, bubbling paint, loose flooring materials, and more. The longer you leave the leak, the more damage you may have.

Early repipe repair can save you a lot of money and a lot of hassle by preventing much of that water damage. Fixing the leak early can also protect the health of your family by reducing the risk of mold and mildew. Be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect any area that was affected by the leak after it has been repaired.

High Water Bill

Even a small drip is going to add to your water consumption. The longer you let a leak go unrepaired, the more water is going to be used, and the higher your water bill will be. That is water that is going unused and wasted, and that is money you don’t have to spend. Not only does that wasted water add to your expenses, but it also wastes natural resources, adding to your environmental footprint.

Work with a San Diego repiping plumber to have the leak fixed right away and ensure that every drop of water is put to use. Pay for only the water you need, and feel good knowing that you are taking steps to protect the environment.

Many people ignore a small leak, especially when it comes from the kitchen tap and appears to just go into the sink and down the drain. But even small leaks can cause major problems, and they need to be fixed as soon as possible. Making these and other plumbing repairs early can save you on future repipe repair and protect the longevity of your system, thereby helping you to avoid an early whole house repiping.

Contact a Reliable Repiping Plumber In San Diego

Call Integrity Repipe of California if you have a leak or need other repipe repair. A repiping plumber from our team will thoroughly inspect your system to discover any emergent issues so that you can make repairs as early as possible to protect your system. We work on all types of plumbing. We also offer repiping services, should your system be experiencing chronic problems or be nearing the end of its life span. We’ll help you select the right plumbing system to get the most benefits for your property. We specialize in PEX piping, which is a flexible and non-corrosive piping that has a long life span and offers reliable and energy-efficient performance. Contact us in California to schedule a consultation or service with a repiping plumber today.


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