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If your home was built on a concrete slab, chances are good that at least some of your plumbing runs through that slab or under it. While you might think that a thick, concrete slab would create an impenetrable layer of protection for your plumbing, the reality is that the pipes can still malfunction. If nothing else, the pipes will fail with age.

When your pipes do fail, your very best option is to call an Aliso Viejo repiping plumber to reroute your pipes. If you call a general plumber to inspect the situation, chances are good that the plumber is going to drill into your slab to get to the pipes, creating even more problems than your leaky pipe.

 What Does a Home Plumbing Rerouting Entail?

Rerouting Pipes

Instead of cutting through your slab and creating the need for costly foundational work, a repiping plumber near Oceanside can reroute your pipes and completely bypass those faulty pipes. To make the fix, the plumber will find an entry and exit point outside the slab and will repipe from those points. Those pipes running through or under your slab will be cut out of the system completely, and they can stay right where they are, without having to jackhammer into your slab.

Rerouting your pipes can solve your plumbing problems while also minimizing damage to your home and disruption to your life. Your plumber may need to cut into drywall, but the intrusion will be minimal. The repairs will also take less time, and they will cost you less money. While the pipes are being rerouted, your San Diego repiping plumber can also determine a better placement of your pipes for easier repair work in the future.

Repipe Repair

In some cases, you may want to perform a repipe repair instead. Rerouting your pipes may be more than you can afford at the moment – even if it will save you more money in the long run. You may hire a repiping plumber in Anaheim just to replace that section of pipe and get things running again. You’ll be kicking the problem down the road, but you’ll deal with it more quickly for the moment.

Know that even repipe repair won’t be enough in all situations. For example, if you have copper pipes that are aging, a repipe repair won’t be enough. That section of pipe might be fixed, but the entire system is on the same downward timeline as that section.


Whether you repair or reroute the ailing pipes, you need to think about the bigger picture. Was the problem isolated, or is it indicative of systemic problems? These are the questions that an experienced repiping plumber in can answer. You need to hire a reputable Ladera Ranch repiping plumber to investigate your system to determine the health of your pipes and to assess the underlying problems. If your pipes are aging, or if they have been repaired multiple times, chances are good that it’s time for a repipe. If you don’t make the investment, you’ll be looking at making repair after repair over the coming months and years.

Make sure you understand all your options before you decide what action to take to repair your pipes. If you have an isolated problem, rerouting your pipes will likely be the best choice. You’ll get a long-term solution that doesn’t involve tearing up your home and disrupting your lifestyle. However, if the problem is just part of a systemic issue, you’ll need to explore your repiping options. You’ll protect the health of your plumbing system and your home by ensuring that you have strong and healthy pipes that will last you a long time and give you optimal performance.

The repiping plumbers at Integrity Repipe in California can help if you are experiencing problems with the pipes in your foundation. Our experienced plumbers will assess the health of your pipes and get to the source of the problem to find out if it’s an isolated issue or is systemic. We can perform simple repipe repair, or we can provide recommendations for whole house repiping to restore the health of your plumbing. Our plumbers work with all types of piping, but they are specialists in PEX piping, which is resistant to most common plumbing damage. Call us in California to schedule an inspection with a repiping plumber in Burbank and to discuss the options for your plumbing.

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