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Murky water is never what you want to see coming out of our faucet when you turn it on. You need clear, fresh water that is free of contaminants. Murky water could indicate the presence of many kinds of harmful contaminants, which could threaten the health of your family.

If you ever see discolored water coming out of your faucet, or you ever notice foul odors coming from your water, you should contact a reputable California repiping plumber to inspect your system. There are many issues that could be causing your murky water, and the repiping plumber in Oceanside may be able to conduct repipe repair or full repiping to ensure your healthy water supply.

Here are a few things that could be causing your murky water:

The Dangers of Murky Water in Your Plumbing


If you are connected to a municipal water supply, you likely don’t expect to have any problems with your water. After all, the city or town (or other municipal body) should run a water treatment plant that ensures consistently clean water. However, the reality is that municipalities don’t always do what they are supposed to do, and mistakes can still be made.

Chemicals can get into your water if there is a failure in the system. Local pollution can also cause chemicals to seep into your water. Even if you have a well, chemicals that get into the ground can get into your well and contaminate your water supply. The threat level depends on the type of chemicals in the water. Some can make you very ill – some can prove fatal.

Minerals and Sediment

Your pipes can get a build-up of minerals and sediment over time that can cause your water to turn murky. Things like iron and calcium can build up in your plumbing system, blocking the flow of water and contaminating fresh water coming in. Sometimes, the minerals are already in your water, such as if you have well water and it is “hard,” or has higher levels of minerals in it. Sometimes, the minerals can get into your water if there is activity nearby that disrupts the groundwater, such as an accident, a natural storm, or utility work.

Even if you have regular levels of minerals and sediments in your water, your pipes can become clogged over time, which can cause them to seep into your water at higher levels. You may need to hire an experienced repiping plumber in Aliso Viejo to  repipe with a pipe material that is resistant to such build-up, such as PEX piping.

Corrosion in the Pipes

Over time, metal pipes can corrode. The coating on the pipes breaks down, and then the metal itself starts to break down. When this happens, rust can form, and you may see a slightly brownish or reddish tinge to your water.

Corroded pipes are certainly a risk to your health since many kinds of contaminants can start coming through those openings in the pipes. If you notice this discoloration in your water, call a San Diego repiping plumber right away. You’ll need to make repipe repair at a minimum, but if there is corrosion in your pipes, you likely need to consider whole-house repiping.

Your water should never be discolored, and it certainly should never be murky. If there is color to your water, there’s always a reason, and it’s never a good one. Some causes may be more of a nuisance though harmless, but many of the causes actually pose a threat to your health and the health of your family. Always call a repiping plumber serving Burbank to inspect your system and determine the source of your discolored water. You may need to make a simple repair, or you may need to consider repiping if your system is aging or wearing down.

Call Integrity Repipe in California if you are dealing with discolored or foul-smelling water. You may have dangerous contaminants in your water caused by a failing plumbing system. Our experienced repiping plumbers will inspect your system and correct the immediate issues, as well as make recommendations for fixing the long-term issues. Repiping can give you a reliable plumbing system that will minimize your maintenance and repairs while also ensuring that you always have clean, fresh water. Call us today to meet with a repiping plumber and learn more about your options.

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