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Even the best plumbing systems will wear down with time and need to be replaced. But most homes do not have the best plumbing system – or even the right plumbing system for their property. The plumbing is likely to wear down before its time because of corrosion, clogged pipes, or damage from the elements. 

If it is time to repipe your home, it is important that you work with a repiping plumber in Aliso Viejo to determine the very best material for your new system. Then you can be sure that your plumbing will deliver reliable performance decade after decade, that you won’t spend a lot on repairs, and that you’ll keep your maintenance and energy costs low. 

House repiping project

Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider to choose the right materials for your home repipe: 

Consider Your Climate

Metal pipes have long been a popular option for plumbing. However, they are prone to damage from expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. If you live in a climate where temperatures drop to freezing, your pipes can freeze. More accurately, the water inside the pipes freezes, and it has no room to expand. The ice puts enough pressure on the pipes that they burst.

California is known for its sunny temperatures, but there are large parts of the state that get freezing temperatures at some point in the year. If you live in one of those spots, you will need to look for pipes that are resistant to such temperature changes. PEX piping is a great choice. This modern piping option does not freeze, and it does not crack or burst.

Know Your Water Source

Most people have a clean, municipal water supply. Some people assume they have a clean supply, but they are surprised to learn that their local water is actually loaded with calcium, iron, or other minerals. Others have well water, which can be loaded with such minerals.

If you have hard water, those minerals can deposit in your pipes. Over time, you can get a buildup of sediment in your pipes that can block the flow of water. Clogged pipes can put too much pressure on your system, which can lead to failures and expensive repairs.

Metal pipes are especially susceptible to sediment buildup. Again, PEX piping is a great choice. The material is resistant to sediment buildup, and you can rely on a consistent flow. If you know you have hard water, PEX piping is an excellent choice.

Think about Installation

Repiping your home may require some intensive labor. If you have an older home, there may not be a lot of space for the pipes. There may be narrow passages and sharp corners. Or your home may be built on a concrete slab, and the pipes may be routed underneath it. These and other issues can make installing some pipes very difficult. Metal pipes require numerous cuts and connections to be routed through those kinds of properties, and that makes the project more time-consuming and expensive.

PEX piping can be easily installed in any property. The flexible tubes can be wrapped around corners and threaded through tight spaces. The piping requires fewer connections, so it is easier and less expensive to install. 

Balance Your Budget

Repiping your home is going to be an expensive project, no matter what type of pipes you choose. But some pipes will make the project more expensive than others. Copper is the most expensive piping option, but metal pipes generally are expensive because they are harder to cut and require more connections when installing. 

PEX piping offers a nice balance. Not only is the material affordable, but the pipes can be installed more quickly, which brings down the overall cost of the repiping project in Oceanside.

Many factors go into the choice of pipes for your home repiping. You should work closely with an experienced repiping plumber in Oceanside  to determine the best choice for your particular property and your needs. In many cases, PEX piping is going to offer you the greatest number of benefits at the best price.

In California, the repiping plumbers at Integrity Repipe are PEX piping specialists. We have been installing this exceptional piping for many years, and we highly recommend it to most clients. With PEX, you get a reliable plumbing system that requires little maintenance and that will require fewer repairs over the years. PEX piping is energy efficient, and it will deliver clean, fresh water year after year. Call us in California today to talk with a repiping plumber about whether PEX piping would be right for your property. 

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