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Copper is a common plumbing material. For a long time, it was the standard. Plumbers and homeowners chose it because it is a strong and durable material that will hold up over time. However, as the years wear on, homeowners learn that copper pipes also have some drawbacks, and that can send them calling a repiping plumber in Aliso Viejo.

If your home already has copper plumbing, you may have experienced some of these issues, or you may have them to look forward to. If you are considering repiping your home with copper plumbing, you may want to reconsider. Here are a few of the common pitfalls that can occur with copper plumbing:

Common Pitfalls of a Copper Plumbing System


Copper is especially prone to pitting, which is a type of corrosion that results in tiny holes in the metal. The constant flow of water through the pipes slowly wears down the surface. The bare copper oxidizes over time, and that can cause it to break down slowly.

Small holes may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause major problems. The pinhole leaks can put undue pressure on the pipes, and over time, that can lead to a burst pipe or connection, which can result in major damage. Even the small leaks can lead to mold or drywall damage, and that can get expensive fast.

Freezing and Bursting

Like other metal pipes, copper is prone to freezing and bursting. Metal is a rigid material, and it cannot expand and contract the way other materials do with temperature changes. That means that if your home experiences freezing temperatures, your pipes might freeze, as well as the water inside them. The ice can push against the pipes, causing them to burst or to break free from their connections.

Sometimes, a burst pipe can be corrected with simple repipe repair. Other times, it can result in hundreds of gallons of water flowing through your house, and that can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. When your whole system is made of copper or metal pipe, you also know that a burst pipe is not likely to be a one-time incident.


Over time, the minerals in your water can settle in your pipes, creating a buildup known as scale. At first, the scale may be minimal, allowing the water to still flow freely. But eventually, the buildup will block the flow of water, putting undue pressure on your pipes and making it difficult for you to access free-flowing and clean water when you need it.

Scale and mineral buildup are especially common in copper plumbing. Even the cleanest water has some minerals in it, so you can’t stop this eventual buildup.

The best thing you can do if you have copper pipes is to invest in repiping. You may still have years left in your copper plumbing, but by keeping it in your home, you are setting yourself up for costly repairs to your plumbing system and to your home. By repiping your home in San Diego, you can enjoy a healthy plumbing system that is free of these common pitfalls and that will save you a lot of money over time.

PEX piping is an excellent choice for today’s homes. This flexible material is easy to install and can be put into just about any home. It is a corrosion-resistant material that will not pit. PEX piping also will not freeze or burst, even in the lowest of temperatures, and it is resistant to scale and other buildup. You can avoid almost all of the common plumbing problems by switching to PEX piping.

Integrity Repipe in California is a PEX piping specialist, and we are ready to help you understand the benefits of this type of plumbing for your home or business. An Oceanside repiping plumber from our team can inspect your property and help you understand the particular benefits of repiping for your home or business. We offer repiping and repipe repair in other materials, but we highly recommend PEX piping for most properties. The benefits are just incomparable! Call us in California today to schedule an inspection and consultation with a Mission Viejo repiping plumber and to learn more about the options for your home or business.

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