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Plumbing leaks can be a serious problem. They may be little more than a steady drip, but over time, those little drips can create a big puddle of water and extensive damage. Even small leaks can contribute to wood rot in your floors or walls, and they can encourage mold to grow and spread through your home.

It’s important that you pay close attention to your home’s condition and the performance of your faucets, sinks, toilets, and tubs to spot any signs of a potential leak as early as possible. If you can spot those leaks early, you can get a plumber in there to make the Orange County re-piping repairs where necessary.

Here are six common signs that you may have a plumbing leak in your California home:

1. Rust

Look to see if your pipes have rust

Look at the area around your pipes – whether that’s in the basement, in your crawl space, or in the access point in your wall. Look at the pipes or the other metal components around the pipe and see if there are any signs of rust. If there are, that’s almost a sure sign that water has been leaking and causing corrosion.

Check your pipes regularly to look for signs of rust. It doesn’t take long to appear, so you need to catch it as early as you can. Otherwise, your pipes could become severely damaged by rust.

2. Drips

The most obvious sign of a leak is that water is dripping off the pipe

The most obvious sign of a leak is that water is dripping off the pipe. But you may not see these drips because they can occur where you aren’t looking regularly. Open your cabinets and look under your sinks from time to time. You may see drips coming off the pipes under there, or you may see water puddled on the shelf below.

3. Color in the Toilet Bowl

Leak in your toilet plumbing

It can be harder to recognize leaks in a toilet. But one easy way to do it is to put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank – the area on the back of the toilet. Walk away from the bathroom for a few minutes and then come back. Look in the toilet bowl and see if there are any signs of color in the bowl. If there are, you’ve got a leak in your toilet plumbing.

4. Stains on Walls

Your home can shift over time because of the movement of the earth and the settling of the dirt and rock below it. When your foundation shifts, it can cause the pipes to move and to leak. One way to know that this has happened is that there are stains on your walls. The stains can be light brown to dark, depending on how much water has leaked and whether mold has also started to form.

Do not assume these stains are signs of aging! Call a plumbing company to check it out!

5. Inconsistent Water Pressure

Even a small leak can cause your water pressure to dip

Even a small leak can cause your water pressure to dip. If you have low water pressure, or if your water pressure is inconsistent, you may have a leak somewhere. The problem would be trying to find the exact source of the leak, especially since many of your pipes are behind walls or under your house. You need to call a professional re-piping plumber in Orange County to get to the source of the problem. It could be that your pipes just need some adjustment, or it could be a sign that your pipes are failing and you need to invest in re-piping.

6. Slow Draining

Clogs can actually cause leaks. They can make it hard for the water to drain, which can put pressure on the pipes and cause them to leak. The water will drain more slowly, and eventually, it will not drain at all. It’s important that you pay close attention when you have any kind of clog or when your water is draining more slowly.

Leaks are no minor nuisance. If left untreated, they can corrode your pipes and damage your home. You may need to call a re-piping company and a home contractor to make all the necessary repairs. Instead, pay attention to your home and call a plumber for regular inspections.

Integrity Repipe offers quality re-piping in California. We are a reputable plumbing company that can repair simple leaks or can re-pipe your home if necessary. Re-pipe repair can correct serious damage to your pipes or can replace aging sections of your pipes. Call us today to learn more about your options or to have a plumber inspect your home.

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