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Re-piping gives you the opportunity to not only fix your home’s plumbing issues but to also improve your property’s performance. The right re-piping choices can reduce your property’s energy usage, can ensure consistent water pressure and temperature, and can reduce problems like leaks, smelly water, and noisy pipes.

You have several options for your re-pipe job, including traditional copper, PVC, or even PEX tubing. Before you can make the right choice of plumbing, you need to make the right choice of re-piping plumber in Mission. Here are five things you should ask when you are interviewing potential plumbers:

What Materials Do You Use?

Ask what materials do they use

Not all plumbers can perform all types of plumbing. Some work only with traditional materials, and others specialize in newer techniques, such as PEX piping installation. Some are versatile and can install whatever type of pipes you want.

Don’t assume anything! Ask the plumber what materials he uses or specializes in. The answer should be a match with what you need.

What Are Your Credentials?

licensed repipe contractor near 91340

The right re-piping plumber should be experienced, licensed, registered, and insured. Again, DO NOT assume anything just because you found this person online or in the yellow pages (does anyone still use those?) and the presentation seemed professional enough. Not only should you ask about each of these things, but you should then follow up and check on them yourself.

Call the licensing agency to check that the plumber’s license and insurance are current. Look for clients or other evidence to show that the plumber has the experience he claims. You don’t have to turn into a PI, but you should take a few basic steps to confirm that the person you’re interviewing has the credentials he claims.

What Types of Jobs Do You Do?

Ask your plumber what types of jobs they do

Some plumbers work primarily on homes and other residences, and some plumbers work primarily on commercial properties. The needs of each are different even if they do share some commonalities. You must ask what type of work the plumber does and make sure it aligns with what you need. So no going to a commercial plumber if you are looking for someone for your house, and vice versa.

What Are Your Charges?

Get an estimate for the re-piping

Get an estimate for the re-piping by asking the plumber to come to your property and evaluate it in person. Every property is different, and its re-piping needs will be different, so the cost isn’t something that you’ll find on a plumber’s website or be able to get over the phone. The only way to know the true cost is to have the plumber evaluate your pipes and let you know what you need.

Be sure to get estimates from several plumbers. Then compare the costs to the overall quality of the plumber and the services provided. The lowest cost is not necessarily the best option. Make sure you are getting good value – the right balance of cost and quality.

What is Included?

Know exactly what is include in the estimate you get

You might think that everything is included in the bid you got, but that may not be true. The plumber may not clean up when done. The bid may only include certain hours, which could put you on the line if the job takes longer than expected.

Just be clear about what, exactly, is include in the estimate you get. You don’t want to have any surprises later, and you don’t want to make any assumptions about the work you are contracting.

Hiring the right re-piping company in Mission or plumber is essential to the long-term health of your property. An experienced and highly qualified professional will perform quality work so that your plumbing works properly and lasts for as long as your property does. Ask these questions of any plumber you are considering to be sure you are hiring the right one.

Integrity Repipe is a top re-piping company in California. We hire only the most highly qualified and experienced plumbers to perform re-piping or re-pipe repair. Our plumbers work on all plumbing types, including copper and PEX tubing. However, they are specialists in copper piping, having been rated #1 in the country for copper plumbing and pipe repair. Call us today to learn more about your re-piping options or to get an estimate for the work you need done.

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