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Noisy pipes are never a good sign. You’re never going to hear humming or banging because everything is just going so well with your plumbing. The only thing you want to actually hear from your plumbing is the sound of water running through the pipes freely. Loud noises in your plumbing are never going to be a sign of good things.

Symptoms of Noisy Pipes

Here are five of the top five symptoms you are likely to notice with noisy pipes with some information about what to do about them:


You might be inclined to dismiss gurgling sounds. After all, that’s just water, and water is supposed to be in your pipes. But gurgling coming from your plumbing is likely a sign that your pipes are having a problem draining. There may be an obstruction in the pipes, such as an accumulation of soap scum or a clog of hair or grease. Or the obstruction could be caused by mineral deposits from hard water.

You can’t solve this problem by just dumping some drain cleaner into your tub or sink. You could actually end up causing more harm. Instead, you need to call a plumber for a professional drain cleaning. If you have mineral deposits, you may need to install a water softener or replace parts of your plumbing.


Humming is another noise that might seem innocuous. In fact, most humming is actually pleasant sounding. However, when it’s coming from your plumbing, it could indicate that the water pressure in your home is too high for your plumbing to handle. The high water pressure could be causing your pipes to vibrate, which could be causing the humming noise.

High water pressure is particularly common in homes that run on well water, though it can be a problem in any home. If you hear humming, hire a professional to come check your pipes and your water pressure.

Squealing or Whistling

Whistling while you work may make the time go faster, but whistling from your plumbing may be a sign that there is a serious problem with a component in your pipes, like a connection or a valve. That can lead to serious problems down the road, including burst pipes and major water damage. You could even have a slow-growing and silent mold epidemic in your house.

Never ignore any whistling or squealing sounds that you think are coming from your pipes. Always call a CA plumber or piping specialist to get to the source of the problem and find out what repairs or replacements need to be made.


Pipes are usually routed behind walls, under floors, and even through your ceiling. If the pipes have to hang from any surface – such as in the attic or below the floors – they may rattle if the fasteners connecting them become loose. The rattling may be sporadic and occur only when water is coursing through that part of the plumbing.

If you don’t get to the source of the rattling, the connections can become looser over time and lead to a failure of the plumbing, causing major problems. Always hire a plumber to find out what is causing the rattling. if loose connections are the culprit, find out if they can simply be tightened, or if they must be replaced or plumbing should be re-routed.


Banging is often the most dramatic noise you can hear from your plumbing. It can be caused by problems with the pressure or flow of the water, such as air bubbles trapped in the pipes or water hammers, which occur when a valve or faucet is shut off suddenly. Problems in the water line can cause the air bubbles, so they are not always an innocuous problem.

You must hire a professional to evaluate not only the source of the banging, but what caused those problems to occur in the first place. So, if you have trapped air bubbles, you need to find out why and then take action.

Noises like these are the closest thing you are going to get to your pipes being able to talk to you. Pay attention when you hear them, and work with an experienced professional to evaluate and correct the problem before it becomes even bigger.

Sometimes, problems with your plumbing can be fixed with simple repairs. Sometimes, they are indicative of a larger system failure. Integrity Repipe is a trusted California repiping company that can help with issues like low water pressure, high water bills, or smelly water by replacing your aging system with something newer and more efficient. Plumbing doesn’t last forever. You need to replace your pipes when it’s time so that you don’t cost yourself money and aggravation in unnecessary repairs, leaks, and more. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a repiping plumber and to have your system evaluated.


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